Don’t Let Bad Fuel Make You Pay!

Gas Plus Treatment Marine SD FormulaYour fleet of cars or trucks and farm or landscaping equipment ARE your business. If they were to go down, it could cost you more than just the cost of repair. You could lose sales, productivity and reputation. Protect your equipment with Sentry Fuel Treatments, specially formulated to increase lubricity, remove moisture and add years of life. It’s added assurance for your business and personal machinery.

water doesn't stand a chance

Sentry Fuel Treatments are formulated for ALL Gasoline and Diesel powered engines.

Regular use of Sentry Fuel Treatments will save you money on maintenance, repairs and extend the life of your engine!

  • Made for Cars, Trucks, Boats (both 2 and 4 stroke), Motorcycles, Generators and Lawn Equipment!
  • Prevents the negative effects of Ethanol Blends, ULSD, Off Road and Bio-Fuel.

Why Use Sentry?

Sentry Fuel Treatments are the “All-In-One” solution for protecting your engine and keeping your fuel fresh!

  • Eliminates water by allowing it to be harmlessly burnt off during the engines normals combustion process.
  • Cleans the engine and fuel system by breaking through even the toughest build-ups, deposits, gums and varnishes.
  • Increases lubrication up to 40%, preventing premature wear of the fuel system and engine components.
  • Improves fuel quality for more complete combustion. Maximizing mileage and power as well as reducing smoke and harmful emissions.
  • Stabilizes fuel for 24 months and restore old fuel.

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    Eliminates Water

    Stabilizes Fuel

    Restores Power

    Cleans Engines

    Saves You Money